Spur Corporation Limited - Press Release
28 June 2004 14:51
Spur Corporation Limited - Press Release                                        
Spur Corporation Limited                                                        
SHARE CODE: SUR                                                                 
ISIN CODE : ZAE000022653                                                        
Spur staff retain a healthy stake                                               
Spurcorp executive chairman Allen Ambor has purchased five million shares from  
Spur directors, management and staff.                                           
The shares were part of a share block owned for the past five years under the   
Spur Incentive Scheme. All staff levels, from the chairman to junior employees, 
were part of the scheme, which proscribed the sale of the shares for five years.
Ambor said that when Spur launched the scheme, management purchased 13,1-million
shares, while a further 1,1 million share options were issued to staff.         
11,1-million management and staff shares can now be sold, but management and    
staff have kept 6,1-million shares.  Financial director Dean Hyde said keeping  
such a large share tranche fully reflects the confidence that staff have in the 
future prospects of the company.                                                
Apart from the 6.1 million shares retained, a further two million shares will   
become eligible for sale in mid-2006.                                           
Cape Town                                                                       
28 June 2004                                                                    
Date: 28/06/2004 02:43:01 PM                      
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