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26/03/202011:36Dealings in securities by an associate of a director
25/02/202007:10Establishment of joint venture by Holdings and Equites Property Fund Limited
25/02/202007:06Unaudited group results for the 26 weeks to 29 December 2019
14/02/202013:38Implementation of IFRS 16: Leases
23/01/202017:15Disclosure of acquisition of securities by Coronation Asset Management (Pty) Ltd
22/01/202010:39Operational update for the six months ended 29 December 2019
20/12/201909:00Dealings in securities by an associate of a director
15/11/201916:30Board and board committee changes
07/11/201913:40Dealings in securities by directors, the company secretary and directors of main subsidiary
06/11/201917:13Change to the board of directors and board committees
04/11/201917:19Results of annual general meeting
04/11/201909:19Operational update for the quarter ending September 2019
31/10/201912:25Dealing in securities by a director
28/10/201916:49Nomination of person for election as director at a shareholder meeting
15/10/201913:05Dealing in securities by directors
09/10/201909:55Engagement with shareholders
04/10/201909:33Distribution of integrated annual report and details of annual general meeting
27/09/201916:47BEE compliance certificate
25/09/201915:25Dealings in securities by company secretary
13/09/201913:57Dealing in securities by an associate of a director
10/09/201917:16Grant and acceptance of forfeitable share awards

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