1. To use the calculator, first choose the period (start and end dates)
2. Choose the ZAR amount invested or the number of shares bought and enter the value¹
3. Click on CALCULATE
Select period:
Quick pick
or choose custom period 
Calculate according to:
Number of shares:
Entry price:¹
10 100ZARc per share ZAR 25 250.00
Number of shares:² 250
Exit price:
11 550ZARc per share ZAR 28 875.00

Simple return (ex dividends):
Total return (including dividends)³:
Annualised TRI return (annual compound):

¹Please note that transaction costs are not taken into account in the calculation
²Where a ZAR amount is entered, it is adjusted to the nearest number of whole shares
³Assumes that dividends are reinvested on the ex-div date

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