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Dividend history for Liberty Two Degrees Ordinary shares (L2D)
Declared Last date
to trade
Payment date South African
cents per share
Total dividend
(cents) per year

Interim No 52021/07/262021/08/242021/08/3015.79 
Final No 42021/02/222021/03/162021/03/2332.3332.33
Final No 32020/02/242020/03/172020/03/2331.1260.43
Interim No 22019/07/292019/08/202019/08/2629.31 
Final No 12019/02/252019/03/122019/03/1812.6960.00
Special No 52018/10/192018/10/262018/11/1418.00 
Interim No 42018/07/232018/08/212018/08/2729.31 
Final No 32018/02/192018/03/132018/03/1929.2259.22
Interim No 22017/07/312017/09/122017/09/1830.00 
Final No 12017/02/162017/03/142017/03/204.854.85

PLEASE NOTE: The Final CISIP Distribution of 18c per unit was declared on 19 October 2018 of which the payment date was 14 November 2018