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2023-12-29Dealing in securities by a Director of a major subsidiary
2023-12-29Dealing in securities by a director of a major subsidiary
2023-12-20Amendments to the information statement in respect of the ZAR10,000,000,000 Domestic Medium Term Note Programme
2023-12-18Changes to the board of directors
2023-12-18Change to the Board of Directors of KAP
2023-12-14Operational update and trading statement
2023-12-11Interest Payment Notification
2023-12-04Grant And Acceptance Of Options In Terms Of The Performance Share Rights Scheme
2023-12-04Grant and acceptance of options in terms of the performance share rights scheme
2023-12-04Exercise And Related Settlement Of Options In Terms Of The Performance Share Rights Scheme
2023-12-04Exercise and related settlement of options in terms of the performance share rights scheme
2023-11-28Disclosure of Acquisition of Securities
2023-11-22AGM results and change to the board
2023-11-14Interest Payment Notification
2023-10-31Integrated and corporate governance reports
2023-10-31Availability of Integrated Report And Corporate Governance Report
2023-10-31Notice of availability of annual financial statements
2023-10-27Dealing in Shares – Transfer of Shares From a Director To An Associate
2023-10-27Dealing in shares – Transfer of shares from a director to an associate
2023-10-24Dealing in Shares – Transfer of Shares From an Associate To a Director
2023-10-24Dealing in shares transfer of shares from an associate to a director
2023-10-23Board change
2023-10-23AGM and annual financial statements
2023-10-23New Financial Instrument Listing
2023-10-06Capital and Interest Payment Notification
2023-09-29BBBEE annual compliance report
2023-09-18Dealings in Shares – Transfer of Shares from a Director to his Associate
2023-09-11Interest Payment Notification
2023-09-04Changes to committee membership
2023-09-04Changes to Committee Membership of a Director on the Board
2023-08-31Availability of annual financial statements
2023-08-30Final results June 2023
2023-08-30Shortform announcement in respect of audited results for the year ended 30 June 2023
2023-08-15Updated trading statement
2023-08-14Interest Payment Notification
2023-07-06Interest Payment Notification
2023-06-09Interest Payment Notification
2023-05-15Operational Update and Trading Statement
2023-05-15Operational update and trading statement
2023-05-12Interest Payment Notification
2023-04-05Interest Payment Notification
2023-03-27Name change update
2023-03-27Name Change Update
2023-03-09Interest Payment Notification
2023-03-02Board appointment
2023-03-02Appointment to the Board of Directors
2023-02-21Interim results December 2022
2023-02-21Unaudited results for the six months ended 31 December 2022
2023-02-14Interest Payment Notification
2023-01-10Interest payment notification
2023-01-06Interest payment notification

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