Afrox - firm intention announcement
16 October 2020 17:45
Shareholders of Afrox are hereby advised that Afrox and Linde South Africa (Pty) Ltd. Linde Offeror have concluded an implementation agreement (“Implementation Agreement”) in terms of which Linde Offeror has notified Afrox of its firm intention to make an offer (“Linde Offer”) to holders of issued ordinary shares of Afrox (“Afrox Shareholders”) other than (i) a member of the Afrox group, including subsidiaries of Afrox that hold treasury shares; or (ii) a member of the Linde group, including B O C Holdings (“Linde UK SubCo”) (collectively, “Excluded Shareholders”) to acquire all of the issued ordinary shares in Afrox (“Afrox Ordinary Shares”) other than those Afrox Ordinary Shares held by Excluded Shareholders (“Excluded Shares”), on the basis described in this announcement.

The Linde Offer will be made to Afrox Shareholders other than the Excluded Shareholders (“Eligible Afrox Shareholders”) and will be implemented by way of a single offer.
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